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danaDana Aronowitz

Senior Civil Engineering Major – AEPhi – American Society of Civil Engineers – American Society of Highway Engineers and the Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society

I am struck by a Jewish Female Engineer. You seem so unique. How many other Engineers are there in AEPhi?

One other one

You are not the only one?


How many are in Fashion Merchandising?

LOL don’t get me in trouble. We are a diverse Sisterhood.

It is safe to say that you are unique?

Yes, you could say I stand out in this respect.

How many women are there in your major –

A third.

So, it’s better than computer programming.


How does it feel to be the most attractive Engineer on campus?

HAHA, I have a lot of friends who are engineers. They get a bad rap. Engineers have really great social skills.

Well thanks for correcting that impression. But, the workload is much different than communications.

Yes, we have graded assignments that take hours, in addition to the regular exams and projects. But, we do a lot of the work with friends so it is not that bad.

What do you like best about being an engineer?

I chose civil because I like the hands on aspect of my job. I like to see the results of my work. I went abroad and made some really good friends in my major. Now they are my really good friends.

What was the coolest thing that you were involved in building?

I interned at a Crane Engineering firm. We went to Manhattan – to 432 Park – the tallest residential building. I stood out on the crane at a height almost equivalent to the Freedom Tower. I didn’t build the Crane but definitely the coolest experience.

What about Jewish life – How do you like Jewish life on Campus?

Being in AEPhi has allowed me to connect with Jewish women on campus. That really helped me. For example, the older girls in my sorority introduced me to Chabad and I love Chabad. I went to Birthright with Chabad. So happy that they did that for me. I am so comfortable being Jewish. So Happy. I wear my hamsa and Jewish star all the time.

You mentioned Birthright – What was the highlight of Israel?

2 Things – Scenic Side – Masada and Tel Aviv Beach – I have never touched softer sand.

On the Jewish Side the more religious side the Western Wall on Shabbat as a spiritual eye opener. Heart Breaking what just happened.

Yes, horrible.

Do you have any advice to younger students, Jewish or otherwise?

– Get involved – Go to Chabad. Try it you will like it. I have made some good friends there and it has been really meaningful. Take chances get involved and great opportunities will open. I am involved with the Engineering clubs on campus and some real career opportunities have come out of those relationships. Start networking now.